Refund Authorization/Online Refund for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Visa, Mastercard, and Discover updated acceptance rules to require that merchants send an authorization message on credit voucher and merchandise returned transactions. These authorization messages will enable issuers to update cardholder online banking statements in real time.

Payeezy Gateway deployed Refund Authorization/Online Refund with options for merchants to either accept or decline Payeezy Gateway logics to settle online refunds on merchants’ behalf.

Additionally, Payeezy Gateway has introduced new checkboxes under the Provisioning Tab to support Refund Authorization/Online Refund with these options: 

Default setting is option 2

  1. Disable Refund Authorization
    • Meaning merchant opts out of Refund Authorization/Online Refund.
  2. Payeezy Gateway to settle approved refund authorizations only. Rejected refund authorizations to be handled by the merchant. 
    • Meaning merchant opts in for Payeezy Gateway to only settle Refund Authorization/Online Refund with approved responses from the card issuers. All rejected transactions will be handled by the merchant outside of Payeezy Gateway. 
  3. Payeezy Gateway to settle all refund authorizations regardless of the approved/rejected status. 
    • Meaning merchant opts in for Payeezy Gateway to settle all Refund Authorization/Online Refund transactions, even if the card brand had rejected transactions for any reason. Please be aware that a card brand misused fees could apply to rejected transactions. Recommend merchants consult their AM/RM/CSA in regards to possible fees association.

Please contact the Payeezy Gateway Help Desk at 855-448-3493 to change your setting preference.

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