Payeezy Gateway SSL/Digital Certificate - Update Details

Please download the certificates below and add them to your certificates store. 


The Payeezy Gateway digital Certificate Clients using Payeezy Gateway Web Service API with a certificate store should ensure that they add the new Payeezy Gateway digital certificate to their certificate store to ensure there is no interruption of service access prior to the scheduled dates listed.

  • Note: the term SSL is being discontinued; therefore First Data will reference Digital Certificate/TLS instead of SSL.

Impacted Environments are Payeezy Gateway Certification (CERT), Demo and Production:

Environments              Link to the environment                             Deployment Date


Who is impacted:

This upgrade only impacts merchants who use the Web Service API integration and store the certificate in their certificate store.

There is no impact to merchants using Hosted Checkout, Payeezy API, Payeezy.JS, Android Pay or Apple Pay.  There is no impact to merchants using Real Time Payment Manager as long as they are using an up-to-date web browser.

What’s Required:
Merchants using the Web Service API integration need to validate if they maintain a certificate store; If they do, they need to add the Payeezy digital certificate to their certificate store. Failure to do so may result in issues connecting to Payeezy.


In addition to loading the PROD environment certificate ( a merchant using a certificate store will also need to load a new Root and Intermediate certificates. First Data changed Certificate Authorities to DigiCert from Symantec.


 The new ROOT and INTERMEDIATE certificates can be downloaded from DigiCert site, URL link below.

Below are images of the Root and Intermediate that should be downloaded from DigitCert site.

New Payeezy Gateway certificates are available for download:

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