Payeezy Gateway Advanced Fraud Filters

Payeezy Gateway Advanced Fraud Filters


Payeezy Gateway now offers advance fraud filters to help reduce fraudulent transactions which in turn can help reduce chargebacks. These new features allow you to create positive and negative lists for:

  • IP Address
  • Credit Card Number (that is not tokenized)
  • Email Address or Domain
  • Reference Number
  • Billing Address
  • Country

While you can create these fraud filters from the Administration tab within the Payeezy Gateway RPM, you can also easily create new filters from the Transaction Search list simply by clicking on a transaction and then by selecting "Fraud Filter."

New Reporting has been added to the Reporting area of the RPM to allow you to view a detailed report of transactions that have been blocked by your custom fraud filters.


Setup A New Filter From the Administration Tab

To enable new fraud filters from the RPM, log into Payeezy Gateway and go to the Administration tab and choose Fraud Filters.

  • Select whether or not you want to create a Positive or a Negative filter.

Note: Positive Filters will override Negative filters.

  • Select the type of filter you would like to create.
  • Enter the value for the filter.
  • Click Save.


Setup A New Filter Using the Transaction Search

You may also use the Transaction Search list to create new Fraud Filters.

  • Navigate to the Transaction Search tab and run a search
  • Highlight the transaction you which to create a new filter and select "Fraud Filters."
  • You will be presented with options to create a new filter. Choose the options for your new filter(s) and select Save.



Manage Your List of Fraud Filters

Under your Fraud Filters, you may  manage your list of Fraud Filters a few different ways:

  • View the list by All, Negative, or Positive Fraud Filters
  • Download the list into CSV to manually update
  • Upload your own list from a CSV file


CSV File Format




Allowed Values

Filter Type

  Determines if the filter is   Positive or Negative

  ‘P’ – Positive

  ‘N’ - Negative

Field Name

  The field you are setting   the filter for

  ‘Customer Reference’

  ‘Card Number’

  ‘IP Address’





  Value you want to filter

  This must adhere to the   format required for each field.

  See earlier table.

  • P,Customer Reference,BGN,IP Address,,Email,bag@bag.comN,Country,UK
  • N,Card Number,5454545454545454
  • N,Address,123 Ball Street
  • N,Customer Reference,BA
  • P,Card Number,4111111111111111

NOTE: If you create a CSV file for upload, it will overwrite any existing Fraud Filters you have in place.


Viewing Transactions Blocked by Fraud Filters in Transaction Search

Transactions blocked by your custom Fraud Filters will be flagged with new Decline Codes. These transactions will be blocked by Payeezy Gateway and do not go out for processing. To see the status of a blocked transaction, go to the Transaction Search and highlight the declined transaction and click on the Decline Reason.


Creating Wildcards for Fraud Filters

The following transaction fields come into play when detecting fraudulent transactions. The table below indicates those fields and whether or not wildcards are available when creating your filters




Wildcards Allowed

Billing Address

The Address Part of the AVS input (AVS format:   StreetAddress|Zip|City|State|Country),



  •    The   Country Part of the AVS input (AVS format: StreetAddress|Zip|City|State|Country)


Card Number

Equality check only (must be full Number)


Customer Reference



Email Address/Domain


IP Address

  •    network   notation (, ranges expressed in network


'*' - matches any character(s) in the expression and can be anywhere in the string. To use the '*' literally escape with '\'. 



  • *abc - matches 123abc, and does not match 123abc123
  • abc* - matches abc*, and does not match 123abc123
  • a*c - matches abc, and does not match bbc
  • a\*c - matches a*c, and does not match abc


New Fraud Report Options

Along with your daily settlement and activity reports, a new Fraud report has been added to the Report Menu. As you monitor your daily activity, it should become a best practice to monitor this report to help manage your Fraud Filters.



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