Debit Bill Pay

Debit Bill Pay

1 Intended Audience

This document is intended for:

Merchants and developers who want to understand and implement the Payeezy Gateway’s Debit Bill Pay service.

2 Introduction

Debit Bill Pay transactions give merchants the option of offering another popular method of payment (MOP) in their eCommerce and mobile Commerce channels. Customers (end users) can use their Debit cards to pay for goods and services rather than cash, check, or credit card.  

Debit Bill Pay transactions are always authorized on a “real time” basis with the actual authorization resulting in the debit (credit if a return transaction) of the customer’s bank account. Merchants must submit a deposit file to First Data to support funding, reporting, and associated reconciliation.

3 Requirements / Information

Debit Bill Pay is a type of debit transaction where neither the magnetic stripe contents nor the PIN is part of the authorization message.

Please note: Debit Bill Pay is currently only supported by the three debit networks: STAR, NYCE, and PULSE.

Authorizations and Deposits:

The purpose of Debit Bill Pay authorizations and deposits is to debit funds from the account of the cardholder. Debit Bill Pay authorizations and deposits are reported in a separate section of the same reports as other Debit Bill Pay transactions. Debit Bill Pay authorizations and deposits have specific rules, edits and response reason codes, details of which are provided in the sections below.

NOTE: To learn more about how the different processing scenarios work, please refer to PGW API reference here: .

While Debit Bill Pay is available in the Payeezy Gateway, your merchant account needs to be configured and underwritten to accept Debit Bill Pay transactions.  If you want to accept Debit Bill Pay transactions, please contact your Sales Representative or Relationship Manager.

4 Debit Bill Pay Transactions using PGW Web Service API

We assume that you are a developer who is already familiar with the Payeezy Gateway Web Service API. To learn more about the Payeezy Gateway Web Service API, use the following URL:

The API v9 and higher supports the Debit Bill Pay feature. In order to use HMAC, please use API v12 and higher.

Debit Bill Pay Transaction Sample:

Requesting a Debit Bill Pay transaction should follow the same structure as Credit Card transactions. The only difference is specifying the Credit_Card_Type property as "Debit Bill Pay". You will notice in the Response that "credit_card_type" property will be updated to:"NYCE", or "PULSE", or "STAR", depending on which "Debit Network" the Request was processed through.

NOTE: Please click on the following URL to see API request and reply examples:

5 Debit Bill Pay Transactions Reports & Receipts using the RPM

Merchants shall be able to use RPM transaction page to conduct reversals (voids) and refunds as they do for similar Credit Card transactions. Merchants will also be able to search and view receipts for Debit Bill Pay transactions through Transactions search.

Search Transaction Receipt for Debit Bill Pay:

In the RPM, the search functionality works exactly the same as it would for any other transaction type.

NOTE: Same as with the use of VISA, MC or AMEX, a different card icon will show up depending on which Debit Network, STAR, NYCE or PULSE, were used. In the case of a decline where network type is not known, a generic card icon will shown (“Debit Bill Pay”).

It is important to know that Refunds and Voids are supported in a similar way as with Credit Card transactions. One important difference: Debit Bill Pay void can only be performed within a 90 minute window.  After that a refund must be completed, instead of a void.

You can click anywhere in the active field of the transaction you would like to view and it will expand with more details about the transaction as shown above. In the bottom left-hand corner you will see an “Actions” heading with 5 hyperlink options to choose from: Refund, Void, View Receipt, View Details, Fraud Filters.


Click on the View Receipt to view the receipt of the selected transaction - see below.


NOTE: The Receipt view mode offers three functional features such as: Print, Email and Close.

This receipt shown above is the replica of what the client/buyer would receive upon initial purchase. Thus making this feature a powerful add-on in those cases where a client would require a second receipt printed or send via email.

Transaction Report for Debit Bill Pay:

Looking up Reports for Debit Bill Pay transactions works the same as with Credit Card transactions. Once clicked on the “Reports” tab, found on the home screen, a user can easily search, display, print daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom reports.



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