ValueLink Gift Card Overview for Payeezy Gateway


ValueLink is First Data’s proprietary gift card solution. Gift Cards from both the Enhanced and Premium programs can be processed through Payeezy Gateway.

Standard Gift Cards (SGC) are now Enhanced Gift Cards (EGC) and all SGC Gift Card merchants have been upgraded to EGC. Therefore, there is no longer a differentiation between the SGC and the ECG.

  • The Enhanced Gift Card program is geared towards small to mid-size merchants.
  • The Premium Gift Card program is geared towards large merchants and has certain qualifications a merchant must meet in order to qualify to use this program.


NOTE: ValueLink Gift Cards only work with Payeezy Gateway clients who use the North back end platform.



The EGC provides the following features:

  • Internet transaction processing capabilities via Payeezy Gateway
  • 1 Physical card promo
  • 1 Virtual card promo
  • Multi-card promo capabilities
  • Advanced Reporting


A Premium Gift Card program is boarded in ValueLink through a customized implementation by an Implementation Manager, nothing is automated. Additionally, features available to merchants and how they work differ between Premium and the EGC. The custom capabilities of a Premium card program far exceed those of the EGC.  

For more information about specific features for each gift card program, please contact your Sales Representative or Relationship Manager.

The Gateway does not differentiate between the Premium and the EGC programs. The transactions and support provided by the Gateway are the same for both program types.

Your gift card program needs to be setup in ValueLink and your merchant account needs to be configured accordingly before gift cards can be processed in Payeezy Gateway.  If you want to utilize the ValueLink Gift Card program, please contact your Sales Representative or Relationship Manager.


Security Codes

ValueLink gift cards use security codes for card not present transactions. These security codes are unique to each gift card and are similar to the CVV/CVV2 on the back of credit and debit cards.

Security Card Value (SCV) is the primary, and go-forward, security code used for ValueLink gift cards. However, there are some existing cards that use Extended Account Number (EAN).


Transaction Types Supported in Payeezy Gateway for Gift Cards

The table below reflects which transactions can be originated by each of the solutions provided by the Payeezy Gateway for gift cards.

HCO=Hosted Checkout

RPM=Real Time Payment Manager

Per the table above, the only two transactions that cannot be processed in the Gateway are a refund and a tagged refund if no security code is provided.


Payeezy Gateway Integration Methods for Gift Cards

When a merchant signs up for the Payeezy Gateway, they have access to all three integration methods:

  • Real Time Payment Manager (RPM)
  • Hosted Checkout Page (HCO), and
  • API

The RPM will allow a merchant to refund or void an existing gift card transaction using the ‘Tagged’ Void or Refund options found in the Transaction Management Tab. New transactions for gift card are not allowed in the RPM.

Merchants using the HCO exclusively must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Must be using Payeezy Gateway for all of their processing (Credit/Gift Card)
  • Must fulfill all their sales immediately (e.g. digital download)
  • Must be using a 3rd Party Shopping cart.

Merchants whose business does not match the description above must use the API alone, or in conjunction with the HCO.

The table below shows suggested solution(s) for merchants with varying needs. Note that ‘3rd Party Cart’ specifically refers to SIM Protocol compliant shopping carts.


Payeezy Terminal Types Supported

Only the eComm and Retail terminal types support gift card transactions. Moto terminals are not eligible.


Recurring Payments with Gift Cards

Recurring payments using gift cards are not supported.


Examples and screenshots for the HCO

The HCO will display an Icon for Gift Card and allow for the input of a gift card Number, security code (EAN or SCV) and address data as shown below, this data is sent to ValueLink for validation and processing.

  • Split Tender functionality is also supported in the HCO for merchants using Payeezy Gateway for credit and/or gift card processing.

  • The HCO will accept a keyed in SCV/EAN number up to 8 digits long and performs no further validations on this information as ValueLink validates this data.
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