Gift Solutions Gift Cards Overview for Payeezy Gateway


Gift Solutions, formally known and ValueLink, is First Data’s proprietary gift card solution. Gift Cards from each of the three Gift Card tiers (Small Merchant Business, Commercial Mid-Market and Enterprise) are supported with the Payeezy Gateway. The Gateway does not differentiate between the three Gift Card tiers. The transactions and support provided by the Gateway are the same for all three tiers. 

The gift card tiers need to be setup in Gift Solutions and a merchant account needs to be configured accordingly before gift cards can be processed in Payeezy Gateway.  If you are interested to utilize the Gift Solutions, please contact your Sales Representative or Relationship Manager.

Understanding the Gift Card Programs

  • Small Merchant Business (SMB), Commercial Mid-Market (CMM)
  • Large enterprise merchants are supported on the Premium Gift Card program

Please note: 

  • Payeezy Gateway only supports Gift Solutions clients who use  Gift Solutions native cards on the North back-end platform only.  Back ends not supported on the Payeezy Gateway: Omaha, Memphis, Conversion cards.
  • The RPM Reports Tab will not display the Settlement information about Gift Cards. Please contact your Sales Representative to get access to the Settlement details relating to the Gift Cards. 
  • Only the eComm and Retail terminal types support gift card transactions. MOTO terminals are not eligible.
  • Recurring payments using gift cards are not supported. 

Transaction Types Supported for Gift Cards

Transaction name Transaction type SCV EAN  Pinless
Pre-Authorization 01 yes yes yes
Purchase 00 yes yes yes 
Tagged Completion 32 yes yes yes 
Void 13 yes yes yes 
Tagged Void 33 yes yes yes 
Tagged Refund 34 yes yes yes 
CashOut 83 yes yes yes 
Balance Inquiry 86 yes yes yes 
Reload 88 yes yes yes 
Transaction name  x_type SCV  EAN   Pinless
Pre-Authorization "AUTH_ONLY" yes yes yes
Purchase (default)
yes yes yes
RPM Transactions
Transaction name   SCV  EAN Pinless 
Tagged Completion   yes yes yes
Tagged Void   yes yes yes 
Tagged Refund   yes yes yes 


Security Codes

Most Gift Solutions gift cards use security codes for card not present transactions. These security codes are unique to each gift card and are similar to the CVV/CVV2 on the back of credit and debit cards. Security PINs when present on the back of a gift card are required to be passed with the card number. If the card number is associated with a Security PIN and the PIN is not passed with the card number the transaction will be declined.


If you do not know the PIN security associated with your Gift Cards please email

Security Card Value (SCV) is the primary, and go-forward, security code used for ValueLink gift cards. However, there are some existing cards that use Extended Account Number (EAN).

  • SCV: the primary and go-forward, security code used for Gift Solutions gift cards.
  • EAN: Non-standard pin 4-8 digit

Payeezy Gateway Integration Methods for Gift Cards

When a merchant signs up for the Payeezy Gateway, they have access to all three integration methods:

  • RPM (Real Time Payment Manager); gift card transactions are not supported through the POS tab.
  • HCO (Hosted Checkout Page)
  • API (Web-Service Application Program Interface)

Gift Card Integration via API

For Gift Card integration via API, please refer to the API spec.

Gift Card Integration via HCO

(For a full HCO specification please refer to Hosted Checkout Payment Pages Integration Manual)

Merchants using the HCO exclusively must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be using Payeezy Gateway for all of their processing (Credit/Gift Card)
  • If a 3rd Party Shopping cart is used to process via HCO, please ensure the shopping cart is fully integrated to Gift Solutions Gift Cards.

Payment Page Settings

To enable Gift Cards via the Payment Page Settings in RPM please visit Payment Pages-->Payment Types. In the "Giftcard Settings" click on the checkmark "Enable Giftcard". It is also important to select the appropriate "Giftcard Type". 





Cardholder payment process

HCO field x_type regulates if the HCO transaction is Pre-authorization or Purchase. Please refer to HCO Integration Manual for further reading about HCO fields.

x_type value Transaction Name Comments





this is the default transaction if x_type isn't submitted

AUTH_ONLY Pre-Authorization  


The HCO will display a radio button to select the gift card MOP and allow for the input of a gift card number, security code (EAN or SCV), and address data as shown below. This data will be sent to Gift Solutions for validation and processing.


HCO will accept a keyed in SCV/EAN number and performs no further validations on this information as Gift Solutions validates this data. 


Split Tender for HCO

Split Tender functionality is supported via HCO for gift cards. Split Tender allows to pay a partial amount using a gift card and the rest of the amount using a different method of payment. The functionality is transparent and does not require an additional coding from a merchant.

For example: a total required amount is $50 and a gift card has only $30. Then after the processing of the gift card payment, the cardholder will be prompted to pay the rest of the balance with another method of payment. See the screenshots below.


Total amount is being presented to the cardholder



Cardholder used a gift card that had only $30 and is prompted to continue to pay the rest of the balance using a different payment method. He has also an option to cancel the gift card payment.


The cardholder chooses a credit card to pay the rest of the balance. The remaining balance is presented at the top.




Gift Card integration via RPM

RPM allows merchants to track gift card transactions via Transactions Search, act on each transaction. Please refer to the table above for the list of available RPM actions.



Please refer to the Gift Card Simulator.                                  

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