What is Level II & III Data for Commercial Cards

Payeezy Gateway can pass Level II & III data with commercial card transactions. With a Level II & III data pass through solution, you can meet customer demand to provide invoice-level transaction details. The advantages of meeting this demand are significant cost savings, because the card associations incent merchants for providing enhanced data. Merchants* that provide Level II & III data can experience a reduction of interchange fees assessed for commercial cards. In addition, the enhanced data reporting capability often desired by purchasing and accounts payable departments may increase your competitiveness in winning new contracts.

Below are the data fields which constitute level II & III data. Payeezy Gateway supports Level II & III data for Visa and MasterCard, and supports Level II data for American Express.

All fields are REQUIRED when submitting Level III transactions, failure to submit a proper field value COULD result in a possible reject and reversal during settlement.

Please see more supporting documentation within the Level II & III Data section of the Knowledge Base as well as the user guides and/or implementation guides for the specific integration method you are using.

*Non-T&E merchants (T&E includes Restaurants, Hotels, Car Rentals, Passenger Transport, Cruise Lines and Travel Agents).


Level II & III Data Matrix




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