What is Level II & III Data for Commercial Cards

Payeezy Gateway can pass Level II & III data with commercial card transactions. With a Level II & III data pass through solution, you can meet customer demand to provide invoice-level transaction details. 

Below are the data fields which constitute level II & III data. Payeezy Gateway supports Level II & III data for Visa and MasterCard, and supports Level II data for American Express.

All fields are REQUIRED when submitting Level III transactions, failure to submit a proper field value COULD result in a possible reject and reversal during settlement.

Please see more supporting documentation within the Level II & III Data section of the Knowledge Base as well as the user guides and/or implementation guides for the specific integration method you are using.

*Non-T&E merchants (T&E includes Restaurants, Hotels, Car Rentals, Passenger Transport, Cruise Lines and Travel Agents).


Level II & III Data Matrix




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