First Data Payeezy Gateway Payment Page Field Validation

First Data Payeezy Gateway Payment Page Field Validation

x_line_items Item ID, Title, Description: Maximal length 255
Price, Quantity: numeric
POST date Max length: 8000 bytes 
x_version Must be 3.0 or 3.1 
x_fp_timestamp Must be within 900 seconds of present time
x_fp_sequence Must be empty 
x_test_request Must be empty, TRUE or FALSE 
x_login Must be configured, saved and not deleted. When configured for test mode, test terminals must be configured. The same apples for production mode. 
x_show_form Must be 'PAYMENT_FORM', cannot be empty 
x_fp_hash Must be present and calculated correctly 
x_relay_response Must be empty or TRUE 
x_relay_url Must be the same value configured in the Payeezy Gateway Payment Page settings. This is not technically a required setting for non-relay response merchants but some shopping carts do send it by default.
bypass_first_page Must be empty, FALSE, or TRUE. If customers  are offered the credit card option this value cannot be TRUE. 
x_currency_code Must be empty, or contain the relevant currency code
x_amount Required parameter, must be a number 
x_method Must be empty or CC 
x_recurring_billing Must be empty or NO 
  • x_exp_date
  • x_card_num
  • x_card_code
  • x_trans_id
  • x_auth_code
  • x_authentication_indicator
  • x_cardholder_authentication_value
  • x_bank_aba_code
  • x_bank_acct_type
  • x_bank_name
  • x_bank_acct_name
  • x_echeck_type
Must be empty (features are not supported) 
x_receipt_link_method Must be empty, GET, AUTO-GET, POST, AUTO-POST, LINK, or REDI
x_email_customer Must be empty, TRUE, or FALSE 
x_tax Must be empty or numeric 
x_freight Must be empty or numeric
x_tax_exempt Must be empty, TRUE, or FALSE 
x_duty Must be empty or numeric


Each field may also trigger errors if they exceed the maximum length of 255 characters.

The values, x_footer_email_receipt and x_header_email_receipt may be up to 4000 characters long.

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