Relay Response Retry

Occasionally server unavailability or other types of problems can impact a merchant site's ability to process the data received from the Payeezy Gateway Relay Response feature. This can often lead to merchant databases or other systems becoming out of sync with payment and order data, creating confusion and manual update tasks for the merchant. Payeezy Gateway now offers a Relay Response Retry feature to mitigate these problems by allowing the delivery of the payment data to be retried until the merchant server can confirm its receipt.

This feature can be enabled on the "Receipt Page" settings area of a Payment Page, accessible through the Realtime Payment Manager interface.




To enable this feature for a Payment Page, the "Retry Failed Relay Responses" checkbox must be enabled, and a URL must be set in the "Relay Response Retry URL" text field. The frequency of the retry attempts can also be set here - intervals of either 15, 30, or 60 minutes occurring for a maximum time frame of 30 days.


Merchant Site Configuration

In order for a Relay Response retry request to be considered delivered, the following requirements must be met:

  • A 200 response must be returned from the "Relay Response Retry URL".
  • A custom header called X_GGE4_TRANSACTION_ID must be returned with the value of the "Transaction_Tag" property sent in the Relay Response retry.
Until those conditions are met the Relay Response retries will continue to be sent until the time limit is reached.
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