How do I setup a CVD/CVV2/CVV filter in First Data Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM)?

Merchant administrators have the ability to set up a filter for CVD, CVV2, CVV when logged into First Data Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM).

  1. Log in to Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM)
  2. Go to Administration
  3. Select Terminals
  4. Select the terminal (outlet) the filter will be set up on
    (Terminal Type must be equal to
    "E-Commerce Transactions CVV2"
    "Mail Order/ Telephone Order CVV2")
  5. Select the "CVV2 Filters" tab
  6. From the CVV2 list, select the checkboxes of the responses for which you would like the filter to drop the transaction
  7. Click "Update"

Example 1: To reject all transactions where the "N" response was returned, select the "CVV2 Does Not Match" checkbox.

Example 2: To reject all transactions where the "N" and "U" responses are returned, select the "CVV2 Does Not Match" and "Merchant indicated that CVV2 is not present on card" checkboxes.

For a list of CVD responses, click here.

Please note that not all banks return a response when cardholder verification data is sent and a filter will not cover this situation.


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