How do I do a Refund in First Data Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM)?

After logging into First Data Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM), go to Transactions to search for the item to be refunded. If the transaction is approved and has charged the card, (purchase or pre-authorization completion) an "R" icon appears on the left side of the transaction record. To refund the transaction:   

  1. Click the R
  2. A mini-POS appears with the amount to be refunded pre-populated. This can be adjusted down if necessary.
  3. Click on Submit Refund.
  4. A CTR receipt will display the response for the refund transaction.
  5. An additional transaction record for the refund is recorded if the transaction was processed. To view this refund transaction record, run the search again. You will see a separate transaction with refund status. The original purchase's R is replaced by a clock icon once the transaction is fully refunded. For a partial refund the "R" remains.           

To conduct an unmatched refund from Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) - i.e. a refund for a transaction that either did not go through Payeezy Gateway, for a transaction where the card has a new expiry date, or is for an amount greater than the original charge - go to the POS page in Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM).

  1. Select the merchant account on the right side (if necessary)
  2. Enter transaction and card details
  3. Hit Send Transaction

The response will appear as a receipt on the screen that can be printed or emailed.

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