What is a Relay Response?

Relay Response is one method Payment Pages use to return transaction results to the customer. However, unlike Receipt Link, this method is a bit more involved and allows the merchant greater control.

When a transaction is approved or declined by the customer's bank, additional steps occur:

  1. Transaction results are returned to the merchant from the First Data Payeezy Gateway servers
  2. The merchant servers reply back and this response is passed on to the customer's browser as a receipt for the transaction

Step 1 allows the merchant to receive processing updates in real time which can then be utilized to update databases, inventory, empty shopping carts, etc.

If the merchant server does not respond in Step 2, the customer receives the standard receipt display as in Receipt Link. However, with Relay Response it is important to note that Payeezy Gateway is expecting a response from the merchant.

Merchants who require the information they'd obtain in Step 1 but are not so keen on Step 2 might be interested in the Silent Post method instead.

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