Does Payeezy Gateway Support FSA/HSA Cards?

Payeezy Gateway allows merchants to accept FSA/HSA cards if their merchant account is set up with an approved Healthcare Merchant Category Code (MCC). Examples of approved Healthcare MCCs include Medical Doctors, Dentists and Optometrists. The cards must be branded with a card association logo (Visa, MC, etc.). Payeezy Gateway has nothing to do with the initial validation or verification that the expenses or items purchased with the FSA/HSA card qualify for reimbursement. Businesses that have shared MCCs, such as supermarkets that do both groceries and pharmaceutical sales, cannot accept FSA/HSA cards through Payeezy Gateway. To ensure your business is set up with the proper MCC for accepting FSA/HSA cards, please contact your First Data relationship manager.

For merchants who utilize an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) at the point of sale, the gateway does not pass through the additional data (IIAS Indicator, MVV/MCID, Total QHP Amount) in the authorization message that identifies the purchase(s) as appropriately processed within an IIAS.

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