Self Service Password Reset

Since February 20, 2015, a new self service login to reset passwords assists Payeezy Gateway users with securely managing their passwords. New security questions have been added to the process for authentication. The enhanced functionality will significantly reduce the need to call the Support HelpDesk as users manage the process. This minimizes the need for the Support teams to send password credentials via email.

Two User Categories Defined

  1. New Users to Payeezy Gateway - Initial login
  2. Existing Users with no security questions added

Initial Login User Instructions

For the initial login to Payeezy Gateway, users will receive welcome emails with initial setup instructions.


  • When the user clicks on the URL in the welcome email, the user will be asked to change their password.
  • Password Requirements will be displayed on the Change Password Area.
  • Once the user clicks "Update Password", the user will be taken to a new screen to verify contact information that is already on file.
  • Email address will now be mandatory. New asterisk has been added to email address field to notate that it is mandatory.
  • The user will verify contact details and click “Update”.
  • The initial user will then add new Personal Security Questions/Answers.
  • Initial Users during the initial login process will not be able to use the Forgot Your Password link until successful set up has been completed. Merchant Administrators should contact Support if their user account is locked. All other Users, POS, Read Only, Merchant users, should contact their Merchant Administrators.


New Personal Security Questions

The user will be required to add answers to 3 Personal Security Questions. They will be presented with 3 dropdown boxes with questions. The answers may be Alpha, Numeric, Special characters and may include spaces and will be case sensitive.

    • The instructions are included at the top of the page advising the user how to securely answer the question.
    • Before completing the Security Questions, the user will be emailed a tokenized link to the email on file. The link must be used to complete the Security Questions process.


  • Once the user clicks "Submit", they will receive an email to the address on the User Profile stating that the Personal Security Questions have been set up. Answers will be stored encrypted and masked.

Existing Users Instructions:

Payeezy Gateway Forgot Password Instructions – Updating Personal Security Questions

This is used for users with existing access to Payeezy Gateway. The new "forgot password" link eliminates the need to contact the Support HelpDesk for assistance for resetting the password.

sspr forgot.png

  • An existing user clicks on the new "Forgot Password" link under the Payeezy Gateway login area.
  • After authentication, the user will be sent a tokenized link in the email on file to complete the Forgot Password process.
  • After clicking the link in email, the user will be taken through the steps to verify Contact Information and then through setting up Personal Security Questions.
  • If password authentication fails during the password reset process, a message will be displayed for Merchant Administrators to contact Support.
  • Other User Roles- POS, Read Only, Merchant users should contact their Merchant Administrators to complete the reset process.
  • At this point, if user account credentials are validated, their password will be reset.
  • Security answers will not be available to the Support team. Security Questions are only visible to the user.
  • By resetting the password, it will require the user to change it. This will then allow the user to start with verifying Contact Information and then through setting up Personal Security Questions.
  • User will click “Save” and be taken back to the Payeezy Gateway Login Screen to log in with new password.

When to Contact Support

  • Support Helpdesk will be available if users fail to authenticate credentials after clicking on Forgot Your Password and Initial Users locked out.
  • Support Helpdesk will use current process to reset password via email for Merchant Admins after authentication. Other User Roles- POS, Read Only, Merchant users should contact their Merchant Administrators to complete the reset process.
  • Support will not have access to security questions and answers. This is visible and managed by the user.
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