Visa Checkout Integration Guide


This guide will take you through the steps of implementing usage of Visa Checkout as part of your Payeezy Gateway integration.

Visa Checkout is a digital payment service designed to simplify the checkout experience using a secure, single sign-on across channels and devices using a customer's preferred payment method. You can read more on how Visa Checkout can help your business on their official website

Payeezy Gateway supports Visa Checkout for Hosted Checkout and for Web Service API. The document below is intended for merchants and developers.


Boarding Process

The following steps show how a merchant administrator can board their business on Visa Checkout via Payeezy Gateway. Please note that for Visa Checkout a unique Merchant ID can be used either for Hosted Checkout or for Web Service API, but not for both at the same time.

As Merchant Administrator login to Payeezy Gateway system.

Navigate to Administration -> Terminal -> Visa Checkout.           

You will be presented with the following screen:


In order to set-up a merchant account with Visa Checkout, please click the Enable Visa Checkout box and complete the form below. You will have to choose between Boarding with HCO solution or with an API. Please note that the same Merchant ID can’t be used for both Hosted Checkout and Web Service API. All fields in the form are required. Company Legal Name and Primary Contact Email must be unique and can not be duplicates of accounts you may have previously set-up.


After clicking the Update button, if all the fields have been completed correctly, Payeezy Gateway will attempt to board merchant website on Visa Checkout. Upon successful boarding, user will be redirected to terminals view.


Go back to ‘your terminal’ -> Visa Checkout 

You will be presented with the following screen:



External Client ID is circled in red in the above screen. When it is shown, it represents a successful onboarding of the Visa Checkout account. Now your account has been boarded and the terminal is ready to process Visa Checkout payments.


Retrieving the API key and the Shared Secret

For API users, after the boarding is complete, Visa Checkout will send a direct email to merchant’s email account detailing the process for accessing the Visa Checkout portal. API merchant will need to retrieve the API key and the Shared Secret directly from the Visa Checkout portal.

For HCO merchants there is no need to visit the Visa Checkout portal as Payeezy Gateway retains the API key and Client ID assigned and passes that to Visa Checkout on each transaction. 


Using Visa Checkout with Payeezy Gateway Hosted Checkout

In order to make Visa Checkout available on a payment page, the merchant has to enable it at Payment Pages configuration session. This is the only step required to enable Visa Checkout on the Hosted Payment Page. As soon as the box is Enabled, the Visa Checkout button will be live on the Page.


Go to Payment Pages / Payment Types and check Visa Checkout.


At this point, as cardholders are on your web (or mobile) site and get to the payment page, they will be presented both the option for traditional Credit Card payment and the new Visa Checkout radio button.


Hosted Checkout Screen


The cardholder will chose the Visa Checkout radio button if he wants to pay with Visa Checkout. Upon such selection, the page will present the header “Pay With Visa Checkout” and display the Visa Checkout payment button. The credit card brand presented to the left of the Visa Checkout button is based on the credit card that is registered with Visa Checkout for that consumer.


Visa Checkout lightbox will appear. Cardholder will login.


After Carldhoder has logged in, Merchant logo will be presented on the lightbox (refer to the example logo circled in red, on the left side of the lightbox image). Credit card brand will be presented according the customer’s registered credit card with Visa Checkout.


Performing Pre-Authorization, Void and Refunds with Visa Checkout

In addition to supporting Purchase transactions, the Payeezy Gateway Hosted Checkout supports the following Visa Checkout transactions: pre-authorize, refund, and void. These transactions are initiated from within the Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager user interface. The following screenshots explain each of these transactions.


HCO Purchase

As discussed above, selecting the new Visa Checkout radio button and then clicking the Visa Checkout button will bring the cardholder to the Visa Checkout lightbox for authentication.


Clients can then log into the Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager to search for any transactions. Clicking on a particular transaction provides full detail (below) including whether the transaction was performed via Visa Checkout and the assigned Visa Checkout Call ID (transaction ID).

HCO Purchase (search/reports)


HCO Preauthorization (search/reports) 

Transaction details indicate whether the transaction was a Purchase or a Pre-Authorization (which is followed by a Pre-Authorization Completion when the merchant fulfills the order).


HCO - Voiding a VCO transaction in the RPM

In “Actions” click on “Void” (marked in red on the screenshot)

The following screen with void transaction will be presented.


HCO - Refunding HCO transaction in the RPM

In “Actions” click on “Refund” (marked in red on the screenshot)

The following screen with refund transaction will be presented.


Integrating Visa Checkout with the Web Service API

The v19 endpoint of the API adds support for Visa Checkout transactions. To learn more about how to integrate Visa Checkout with the Payeezy Gateway Web Service API, please click here.


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