Integration Overview

This document is intended to give a general, non-specific overview of the integration process, so that the “big picture” of the integration process is apparent before any integration actually begins.

1) Sign Up   

The first step is to sign up for an account. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the administration area for accounts, and will gain access to some information and settings you’ll need to complete your integration.  

2) Install Your Shopping Cart

The next step in the integration process would be to install shopping cart software on your site, or develop your own cart system. Any cart system that supports the SIM protocol should be able to be adapted for use easily with First Data Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages by a developer.

3) Determine Your Preferred Receipting and Transaction Handling Method

Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages offer a variety of options and methods for performing receipting and transaction data handling. Frequently, shopping cart software will only be able to support some of these methods, so you’ll want to determine which methods you can use with your software and choose the appropriate one for your business.

4) Configure Your Shopping Cart and Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages Settings

Now that your shopping cart software is installed, you can configure it for use with Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages. You’ll need to get a few key pieces of information from your Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages administration page, like your Payment Page ID, and Transaction Key. You’ll also want to ensure that any options relating to your preferred receipting and transaction handling method are set appropriately.

5) Test Payments

Now that you’ve configured your shopping cart software and the relevant options in the Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages administration area, you’ll want to make sure everything is working correctly by performing some test transactions. You can find dummy credit card numbers to perform testing with here, and an overview of how to trigger failed transactions here.

6) Go Live

When you’re done testing, you can switch over to your production account by disabling test transactions. Now you’re ready to go live and start collecting payments through Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages!

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