$0 Authorizations using Payment Pages

Zero dollar Authorizations can be performed within Payeezy Gateway Hosted Payment Pages. Typically this is done in scenarios where the card details need to be verified and tokenized, but not charged immediately. Performing this type of transaction can be done by submitting "0" as the dollar amount and submitting "x_type" as "AUTH_ONLY". In addition, if TransArmor Multi-Pay token processing is enabled for the merchant account, TransArmor Multi-Pay tokens will be returned for each submitted transaction. The returned Multi-Pay tokens can be utilized within the Payeezy Gateway Web Service interface to initiate subsequent transactions or as a mechanism to issue voids or credits to the underlying credit card number referenced by the Multi-Pay token.

It is important to note that the hosted check out page delivered to the consumer will not include the dollar amount. Instead of a "Pay With Your Credit Card" button, the consumer will see a "Submit" button.

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