How do I enable 3-D Secure (VbV and Securecode) for Payment Pages?

1. Contact Cardinal Commerce to register for 3-D Secure:  Be sure to select Payeezy Gateway from the First Data Gateway Platform drop down menu.

2. Once registration is complete Cardinal will provide variables that can be entered by a "Merchant Administrator" user under the "Terminals" tab in RPM, then by clicking your merchant name, and finally the "3-D Secure" tab:

  • Merchant ID
  • Transaction Password
  • Cardinal Service URL

3. When these variables have been entered into the system you will see a "3-D Secure" tab added to your Payment Page configuration. 

4. From this tab select the checkbox, "Enable 3-D Secure". 

5. Select the "Require Enrolment" box to disallow payments with MasterCard, Visa, or JCB cards that have not been enrolled. 

If the "Require Enrolment" box is NOT checked, payments with non-enrolled cards, and payments that encounter errors during the 3-D Secure process, will proceed as normal.

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