Handling Partial Orders With First Data Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages

For some merchants, a case may arise where a customer has ordered more than one item using a First Data Payeezy Gateway Payment Page, but one of these items is out of stock and cannot be shipped immediately. The merchant may want to only charge the customer for the available item, but would also like to reserve the option to bill the customer for the other item once it is back in stock and can be shipped to the customer. To accommodate this scenario, the following implementation can be used:


1) Perform the initial transaction using the AUTH_TOKEN transaction type. To do this, submit the x_type field with a value of "AUTH_TOKEN" on your payment form. This will perform a pre-authorization for the full amount of the transaction but will also generate a tag and TransArmour Multi-Pay token, the tag can be referenced later to bill the customer for the item that is currently out of stock.  Save the TA Multi-Pay token + associated attributes (card type, expiration date, etc…).


2) Log in to First Data Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) to complete the pre-authorization for the full amount if both items are in stock, or only complete the transaction for the relevant amount if some items are not available. The First Data Payeezy Gateway web service API can also be used here to complete the transaction for the full or partial amount by submitting a "Tagged Pre-authorization Completion" transaction type that references the original transaction tag described in the first step.


3) When the unavailable item(s) are available, use the Payeezy Gateway web service API to submit a transaction type of "Purchase" for the value of the additional item(s) that references the TransArmour Multi-Pay token from the first step.

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