Re-Charging Credit Cards in RPM

There are times when merchants want to quickly process new transactions from previously authorized or settled transactions. A transaction is eligible to be Re-Charged only if all the following are true:

  • This Method of Payment is a Credit Card
  • The transaction is not fraudulent
  • The transaction is authorized or settled 
  • The transaction type is one of the following: Purchase, Pre-Auth, Pre-Auth Completion, Forced Post, Tagged Purchase, Tagged Pre-Auth, Tagged Pre-Auth Completion 

To Re-charge a transaction, follow the steps below.

From the Transactions Screen find the transaction that you want to Re-Charge. 

Select the “N” icon or “Re-Charge” from the Transaction Details:

New Transaction


 Transaction Detail Screen

 Once the “N” or “Re-Charge” is selected a new transaction screen will be presented. From this screen you may run a new Purchase or Pre-Authorization.




New Transaction Screen

On the New Transaction Screen, the data from the previously processed transaction will be displayed, with the exception of the CVV/CVD number which will need to be re-entered if enabled on the terminal.   All fields that are currently enabled on the terminal (e.g. Level 2, Level 3, CVV, Soft Descriptors) will appear on this screen. If these fields were enabled on the terminal after the original transaction, the user will be prompted to fill in those fields.  The currency will be in the default currency for the terminal and cannot be changed.



 Click "Submit Transaction" to process the transaction.


 The "Recipients" field that displays when Email is selected from the receipt will be pre-populated with the email address that was previously entered.  If no email was entered then the field will remain blank. 


User Permissions 

In the "User Login" Screen the POS Permissions called "Re-Charge" has been added. This will be the default permission for Merchant Administrator Only.  If a “Merchant” or “POS” user needs to run a Re-Charge then the Merchant Administrator will need to grant permission by checking the “Re-Charge” box and saving the change.


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