Why do I see a CAPTCHA or challenge page trying to visit a site protected by CloudFlare as a site visitor?

A site visitor to a website that CloudFlare is protecting can see a CAPTCHA for the following reasons:

1.The IP address you are on has shown problematic activity online recently in one of our data sources. If you would like to look your IP up, then please look your IP up at Project Honeypot. If the IP address shows data for malicious activity, you can see why there. You can also attempt to whitelist your IP directly on that page by connecting from that IP.

2. The site owner decided to block the country you are visiting from.

3. Your actions are triggering a Web Application Firewall rule that the website owner has turned on.

What to do:

1. You can still enter the site by passing the CAPTCHA. You can also request to the site owner that the whitelist your IP address. You must have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser settings to pass the CAPTCHA. If you are running any anti-virus or firewall programs on your computer, then you may also need to check to make sure that they aren't blocking access to the CAPTCHA image.

2. If your IP is showing that you are distributing malware or spam, your computer may have an infection and we would recommend running an anti-virus scan.

Note: CloudFlare employees can not remove the CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA is showing specifically because of security settings the site owner has turned on.

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