CVV/CVV2/CVD Hotsheet

Card Support

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners support CVV2
  • If the CVV2 Value is incorrect or is left Blank, the transaction may be declined for Visa and Mastercard.
  • American Express will unilaterally decline a transaction if the wrong CVV2 code is entered.  Transactions will either be Approved or Declined and a CVV2 Result Code will usually be returned.

NOTE: American Express does not support $0 authorizations with CVV2. American Express only supports $0 authorizations in conjunction with with AVS.

Bank Response

These values are returned in the "Bank_Response_Code" property.

If a transaction fails due to a CVV2 mismatch, no funds are held. The transaction is declined.


Below are the CVV2 related properties:

VerificationStr2 Request Set from the CVV2/CVV/CVD value as it appears on the Credit Card.
CVD_Presence_Ind Request Set as follows:
  • Null or 0 - Not Supported (Default)
  • 1 - Value provided by Cardholder
  • 2 - Value provided on card is illegible
  • 9 - Cardholder states data is not available
CVV2 Response CVV2 Result Code


To test CVD functionality programmatically please see How to Test CVD/CVV/CVV2 Functionality.

To set up a CVD filter in RPM, please ask your Merchant Administrator to follow the instructions listed here.

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