Troubleshooting: Error in Form Submission (Email)

When this occurs (also called an 'invalid redirect') the payment has failed and an email is sent to the merchant with the subject line: "Error in Form Submission".

The body of the message will resemble the example below with the highlighted items indicating variables for which incorrect values were sent:

This is a notification that a request for payment failed for the online store WSP Testing Site.
An error page was displayed to the customer.

The following errors were found:

 * x_line_item invalid

 * x_amount : The payment amount (x_amount) is missing or not in the valid format.

 * x_show_form : Parameter x_show_form must be PAYMENT_FORM

 * x_fp_hash : Could not validate the integrity of the payment from the transaction key, x_fp_hash, x_fp_sequence, x_fp_timestamp, x_amount, and (optionally) x_currency_code values of the request.

 * x_line_item # 1 - Price is not a number

 * x_line_item # 1 - Quantity is not a number

The parameters of the request are

x_fp_timestamp      : 1238797199
x_amount            : abcdef
x_type              : AUTH_CAPTURE
x_login             : WSP-GOODS-70
x_fp_sequence       : 123456
x_show_form         : SHOW
x_fp_hash           : bad
x_line_item : nice deal for one dollar
For a complete list of Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages form variables and rules, click here
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