Units of Measure

Item unit of measure codes are used in international trade as adopted by the ECB Working party on Facilitation of International Trade Procedures in Recommendation No. 20 (March 1985). These codes are intended for use in manual and automated systems for the exchange of information between participants in international trade.

The asterisk after the unit name indicates recommended units of measurement that are either an SI (International System of Units) unit, or its multiple or a non-SI unit that may be used together with the SI units and their multiples.

Use these values to populate the UnitOfMeasure property tag when  processing Level III data.

Unit Name Code
Acre (4840 yd2) ACR
Alcoholic strength by mass ASM
Alcoholic strength by volume ASV
Ampere* AMP
Ampere-hour (3,6 kC)* AMH
Are (100 m2) ARE
Bar* BAR
Barrel (petroleum) (158,987 dm3) BLL
Barrel BLL
Becquerel* BQL
Billion EUR (trillion US) BIL
Billion US MLD
Billions US (milliard) MLD
Board foot BFT
Box BX
Brake horse power (245,7 watts) BHP
British thermal unit (1,055 kilojoules) BTU
Bushel (35,2391 dm3) BUA
Bushel (36,36874 dm3) BUI
Candela* CDL
Carrying capacity in metric tons CCT
Case CS
Cental GB (45,359237 kg) CNT
Centigram* CGM
Centilitre* CLT
Centimetre* CMT
Centner/Quintal Metric (100 kg) (Decitonne) DTN
Cord (3.63 m3) WCD
Coulomb* COU
Coulomb per kilogram* CKG 
Cubic decimetre* DMQ
Cubic foot FTQ
Cubic inch INQ
Cubic metre* MTQ
Cubic metre per hour* MQH
Cubic metre per second* MQS
Cubic millimetre* MMQ
Cubic yard YDQ
Curie CUR
Day* DAY
Decade (ten years) DEC
Decare DAA
Decilitre* DLT
Decimetre* DMT
Degree fahrenheit FAH
Degrees Celsius CEL
Degree Kelvin: see Kelvin ---
Displacement tonnage DPT
Dozen DZN
Dozen packs DZP
Dozen pairs DZR
Dozen pieces DPC
Dozen rolls DRL
Drachm GB (3.887935 g) DRM
Dram GB (1.771745 g) DRI
Dram US (3.887935 g) DRA
Dry barrel (115.627 dm3) BLD
Dry gallon (4.404884 dm3) GLD
Dry pint (0.55061 dm3) PTD
Dry quart (1.101221 dm3) QTD
Each EA
Each EAC
Farad* FAR
Fluid ounce (28.413 cm3) OZI
Fluid ounce (29.5735 cm3) OZA
Foot (0.3048 m) FOT
Gallon (4.546092 dm3) GLI
Gigabequerel* GBQ
Gigawatt-hour (1 million kW/h)* GWH
Gill (0.142065 dm3) GII
Gill (11.8294 cm3) GIA
Grain GB, US (64.798910 mg) GRN
Gram of fissile isotopes GFI
Gram* GRM
Great gross (12 gross) GGR
Gross GRO
Gross (register) ton GRT
Half year (six months) SAN
Hectare HAR
Hectobar* HBA
Hectogram* HGM
Hectokilogram* DTH
Hectolitre of pure alcohol HPA
Hectolitre* HLT
Hectometre* HMT
Hertz* HTZ
Hour* HUR
Hundred CEN
Hundred boxes BHX
Hundred Int‘l Units HIU
Hundred leaves CLF
Hundred packs CNP
Hundredweight US (45.3592 kg) CWA
Inch (25.4 mm) INH
Item ITM
Joule* JOU
Kelvin* KEL
Kilobar* KBA
Kilogoule* KJO
Kilogram of caustic potash (kilogram of potassium hydroxide) KPH
Kilogram of caustic soda KSH
Kilogram of named substance KNS
Kilogram of nitrogen KNI
Kilogram of phosphoric anhydride (kilogram of phosphoric pentoxide) KPP
Kilogram of potassium oxide KPO
Kilogram of substance 90% dry KSD
Kilogram of uranium KUR
Kilogram per cubic meter KMQ
Kilogram per second* KGS
Kilogram* KGM
Kilohertz* KHZ
Kilometre per hour* KMH
Kilometre* KMT
Kilopascal* KPA
Kilotonne* KTN
Kilovar KVR
Kilovolt* KVT
Kilovolt-ampere* KVA
Kilowatt* KWT
Kilowatt-hour* KWH
Knot (1 nautical mile per hour) KNT
Leaf LEF
Liquid gallon (3.78541 dm3) GLL
Liquid pint (0.473176 dm3) PTL
Liquid quart (0.946353 dm3) QTL
Litre (1dm3)* LTR
Litre of pure alcohol LPA
Long ton GB, US (1.0160469 t) LTN
Lumen* LUM
Megahertz* MHZ
Megalitre* MAL
Megametre* MAM
Megapascal* MPA
Megavolt-ampere (1000 KVA)* MVA
Megawatt* MAW
Megawatt-hour (1000 kW/h)* MWH
Metre per second squared* MSK
Metre per second* MTS
Metre* MTR
Metric Carat (200 MG = 2.10-4kg) CTM
Metric ton (1000 kg) (tonne (1000 kg)) TNE
Millibar* MBR
Millicurie MCU
Milligram* MGM
Millilitre* MLT
Millimetre* MMT
Million MIO
Million cubic metres* HMQ
Million international units MIU
Minute* MIN
Month MON
Nautical mile (1852 m) NMI
Net (register) ton NTT
Newton* NEW
Number NMB
Number of articles NAR
Number of bobbins NBB
Number of cells* NCL
Number of international units NIU
Number of packs NMP
Number of pairs NMR
Number of parcels NPL
Number of parts NPT
Number of rolls NRL
Ohm* OHM
Ounce GB, US (28.349523 g) ONZ
Ounce GB, US (31.10348 g) Troy Ounce APZ
Package PK
Pascal* PAL
Pennyweight GB, US (1.555174 g) DWT
Piece PCB
Piece PCE
Piece PSC
Pint (0.568262 dm3) PTI
Pound GB, US (0.45359237 kg) LBR
Pounds LBS
Proof gallon PGL
Quart (1.136523 dm3) QTI
Quarter (of a year) QAN
Quarter, GB (12.700586 kg) QTR
Revolution per minute* RPM
Revolution per second* RPS
Score SCO
Scruple GB, US (1.295982 g) SCR
Second* SEC
Shipping ton SHT
Short standard (7200 matches) SST
Short ton GB, US (.90718474 t) STN
Siemens* SIE
Square centimetre* CMK
Square decimetre* DMK
Square foot FTK
Square inch INK
Square kilometre* KMK
Square metre* MTK
Square Mile MIK
Square millimetre* MMK
Square yard YDK
Standard WSD
Standard atmosphere (101325 Pa) ATM
Statute mile (1609.344 m) SMI
Stone GB (6.350293 kg) STI
Technical atmosphere (98066.5 Pa) ATT
Ten days DAD
Ten pairs TPR
Thousand MIL
Thousand ampere-hour* TAH
Thousand board feet (2.36 m3) MBF
Thousand cubic metres per day* TQD
Thousand standard brick equivalent MBE
Ton of steam per hour TSH
Tonne of substance 90% dry TSD
Trillion EUR TRL
Troy pound, US (373.242 g) LBT
Unknown unit of measure ST
Volt* VLT
Watt* WTT
Watt-hour* WHR
Weber WEB
Week WEE
Yard (.9144 m) YRD
Year ANN


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