FAQ: When are Recurring Transactions Executed?

The execution of recurring plans is driven by 3 items:  the frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc...), the last run date and the next run date. If the plan has already executed for the current day and items are added after the last run date/time, the added transactions will not be processed until the next execution date defined in the recurring plan.

Payeezy Gateway queues all plans scheduled to process in the current day from all merchant accounts and starts processing them from EST to PST regions. This can result in the plans staying in a queued status until late in the day. All queued plans will process by end of day.

Generally recurring plans scheduled for the 1st, 15th, and last day of the month will queue for longer times than plans scheduled to process on other days, as there are generally more recurring plans scheduled for these dates.

When recurring plans are queued for processing you cannot edit the plans until they are completed.

The below screenshot shows the plans that have been picked up and are “waiting” to be processed. Once the plan begins processing this will be noted in the ‘Processing’ column. Completed files will disappear from the ‘Queued’ section and be listed on the ‘Processed Plans’ page.


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