Use Case: Taking Installment Payments of Varying Amounts

If you need to take installment payments of varying amounts, there are two ways that you can do it within Payeezy Gateway. 

Example:  A customer wants to pay you $100 up front, then $200 one month later followed by $300 in the next month. 

Option 1:  Set up a monthly recurring plan for the first installment of $100 with an end date of 2 months later.  Make a note in the comment field to change the payment to $200 for the next month and then $300 in the third month. 


After you enter the transaction information, the first transaction will process within a couple of minutes of entry.  You can confirm this by going to the Transactions tab and seeing the Auth number.  Once completed you can go back to the recurring plan and change the transaction amount for the next month’s plan as illustrated below.  Select the transaction and click on “Set Amount”.


Change transaction to $200 and click on “Set Amounts”.  Repeat this step after the 2nd transaction processes.



Option 2:  Set up multiple recurring plans.  After running the initial transaction you can set up 2 recurring plans with a frequency of “once” for the remaining amounts and choose the dates you want the transactions to process.   Use the Comment field to put notes about the installments.  The screen shots below illustrate this process.   You will need to enter the transaction information into each plan separately.




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