MasterCard Fraud Reversal

Payeezy Gateway supports MasterCard Fraud Reversal through the RPM and WS API. For information on the "FraudSuspected" request property when using the WS API, click here.

If fraud is suspected for a MasterCard transaction, the Real-time Payment Manager interface provides a mechanism for flagging suspected transactions when they are refunded or voided. This interface is accessed through the "Transactions" area of the Real-time Payment Manager. After clicking the "Refund" or “Void” icon, the screen below will be displayed. To flag the transaction as possible fraud, simply enable the "Fraud Suspected" checkbox before proceeding as seen below. 

For non-MasterCard transactions (Visa, Discover, American Express), the reversal will be completed, but the fraud indicator will not be sent to the card association. The fraud indicator will still show up in the transaction detail for reporting purposes.


The transaction will be now be listed as a “Tagged Void” or "Tagged Refund". To view the details and verify the reason for the Void/Refund, double-click on the transaction from the transaction list. If the transaction was submitted as a Suspected Fraud Void/Refund, the Fraud Code will be 200. A traditional void/refund will have 000 as the Fraud Code.

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