Using a Retail Swipe Device with RPM

Using a USB swipe device or card reader in the virtual POS interface does not necessitate any software installation other than the device drivers, which are typically installed automatically. To use a card reader within Payeezy Gateway you must be set up with a retail terminal. If you need to set up a retail terminal please contact your First Data representative for assistance.

To run a swiped transaction from the RPM (RealTime Payment Manager) choose the POS tab and select the appropriate Retail merchant and terminal from the drop down menus on the right.

Next, choose Purchase from the Transaction Type menu and then enter the dollar amount of the sale.

Next, put your curser in the either the Card Holder’s Name or Credit Card Number field and then swipe the card. Note: If you do not put the curser in one of these fields then you will get an error message.

After you swipe the card, the card holder information will populate in those fields. You can then enter any reference numbers manually and then click on Process Transaction to complete the sale.


Supported Card Readers

First Data proprietary MagTek USB 21040110 Mini Wedge, no other brand beside the First Data Brand

The MagTek USB Mini Wedge is a card reader device that works with Payeezy Gateway. Additional devices may be operational, but are used at a merchant’s discretion.

  • MagTek USB Mini Swipe Reader
    • Mini Swipe Card Reader - Wedge - Track 2
    • Mini Swipe Card Reader - Wedge - Tracks 1,2

Note1: The Magtek Mini Swipe Card Reader - Wedge - Tracks 1,2,3 is not supported. If you have this version of the swipe reader, reach out to MagTek to see if they can remove the track 3 functionality in order to be compatible with Payeezy Gateway.

Note2: The MagTek Mini Swipe Card Reader is not an EMV compliant device


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