Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) - Restrictions

In the Restriction Tab under the individual terminal, settings can be enabled for duplicate transaction detection and restricting refund transactions.

Duplicate Status

Duplicate Status is used to enable or disable duplicate checking. Default is “Unrestricted,” which performs no checks. “Deny All” enables duplicate checking and will reject duplicate transactions once the specified configuration have been met. The merchant as the option to have duplicate checking calculated (Query) from "Approved Only" transactions (default) or "All Transactions."

A duplicate is defined as transactions with the same:

  • Transaction Type
  • Credit Card Number
  • Amount

Duplicate Time (Minutes)

“Duplicate Time” is the time frame configured for duplicates to be detected and rejected. For example, a five minute time value would detect duplicate transactions made within the last five minutes (of when a transaction is processed).

Maximum Duplicates

“Maximum Duplications” is the amount of duplicate transactions that are allowed within the specified time frame before the feature will reject subsequent duplicate transactions.

Refund Status

“Refund Status” is used to enable or disable refund volume checking. Default is “Unrestricted,” which performs no checks. “Volume” enables the feature and will prevent Refunds once the specified configuration has been met.

Once the “Volume” option is selected, the "Maximum Refund Count" and the "Maximum Refund Amount" interact with each other. Once one of the limitations have been met, no more refund transactions will be allowed.

For example, if the "Maximum Refund Count" was set to 5 and the "Maximum Refund Amount" to $500, the first limit reached within the last 24 hours will block any other refunds. If you had one refund of $500, you could no longer do any other refunds, and if you had 6 refunds of $50 each, the 6th would not pass, even if the $500 limit had not been reached yet.

Maximum Refund Count

Maximum Refund Count is the number of refunds that may be processed within a 24 hour period. 

Maximum Refund Amount

The maximum refund amount is the maximum total dollar amount of refund transactions allowed to be processed.

The merchant has the option to have the refund limitation calculated (Query) from "Approved Only" transactions (default) or "All Transactions."


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