Quick Key User Guide

Quick Key is a tool in the Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payment Manager that allows a merchant to process multiple transactions quickly, easily, and instantaneously. Merchants can upload a CSV file containing transaction information for processing; this information can be reviewed and changed before processing occurs. Please note that the Quick Key function is not enabled by default.



The transactions area has two main components - controls for uploading a transaction file, and a table displaying transaction information for a file once it has been uploaded. The acceptable format for Quick Key is a CSV file. The required format for a CSV file can be found here. A maximum of 250 transactions is permitted in a transaction file.

Once a file has been uploaded, its details will be displayed in the table shown above prior to processing. Transactions can be removed by using the checkbox controls on the left side of the table and then by clicking the "selected" link, or they can all be removed at once by clicking the "all" link. Information about the transactions can be reviewed, and if some changes are required to a transaction they can be made by clicking on the transaction's row in the table and then performing edits in the Transaction Entry area.

Transaction Entry

Here, individual details for a specific transaction are displayed. Details of the transaction can be modified here, including the transaction type (Purchase or Refund), the amount, the cardholder's name, the credit card number, the card's expiry date, and reference numbers. To load a transaction for editing, click on the relevant row in the "Transactions" table shown to the right.

Batch Settings

If more than one terminal is available on your account, the Batch Settings area will be displayed. This section of the page allows you to choose the merchant account to process the transactions under, and which terminal under that account to use. For example, if two terminals each are set up for different currencies, the appropriate selection can be made to ensure that transactions are processed in the correct currency.

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