CardinalCommerce 3-D Secure Merchant Registration for Payeezy Gateway

CardinalCommerce 3-D Secure Merchant Registration for Payeezy Gateway

Merchants using the Payeezy Gateway can benefit from added fraud-protection from 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code). In order to enable this functionality, merchants must first register with CardinalCommerce. Applicable only for merchants with less than 20K transactions monthly.


Step 1:  Access the URL (Merchant facing).

NOTE: Throughout the 3-D Secure Registration process, an asterisk (*) indicates the field is required.


  • Select "Global Gateway e4" from drop down selection.



  • Once "Global Gateway e4" is selected, the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode prompts will display. Check the box adjacent to Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code. Enter your Merchant ID number and reenters your  Merchant ID number as confirmation.
    • Note: It is recommended that you manually key in the Merchant ID number and not copy / paste the information into the fields.
  • Select Clear Form to restart the application process or Continue to proceed with the 3-D Secure registration processes.



Step 2: Select the appropriate option for Questions 1 and 2.  


  • Question 1) Are you using Payeezy Gateway Payment Pages (Hosted Checkout) or Web Service API?  Selections are:
    • Hosted (for Payeezy Gateway Hosted Checkout)
    • API (for Web Service API)
  • Question 2) What shopping cart are you using?


  • Click the drop down selection to display the supported Shopping Carts.
  • Once the Shopping Cart is selected, press Continue to proceed with the 3-D Secure registration processes.


Step 3:

  • Complete the 3-D Secure Registration information for Contact/Billing, Business Contact and Technical Contact.
    • Note: The Website Address (URL) must be keyed with the prefix ‘www.’ (e.g.
    • The phone number must be keyed with dashes (e.g. 404-555-1212).



Example of a merchant’s completed 3-D Secure Registration information.


Select ‘GO’ to review the Terms and Conditions of the program.


Merchant Registration Terms and Conditions


Merchant Registration Terms and Conditions - continued


Review and select ‘Decline’ or ‘Accept’ to continue.


If ‘Accept’ is selected, your Registration Confirmation number will be displayed as exampled above.


If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions as stated during the 3-D Secure Registration you will be prompted to ‘Go Back’ to continue the Registration or ‘Close Window’ to exit Registration.



If the completed 3-D Secure Registration cannot be processed due to Internet latency or other connectivity issues, an ‘Error has occurred’ message will be returned. The ‘Please contact Support @ 877.300.8712’ is the Alternative Payments HelpDesk. The call will be answered by the support representative as ‘First Data Payeezy Gateway, Linkpoint or Payeezy Gateway’ and managed accordingly with the Payeezy Gateway Support teams.

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