32 Character Password

When using the automatic generator to create a password, the generator creates a 32 character password.

Since October 9th, 2014 the Password Generator for the API Interface (located on the Terminal Screen in the RPM) has been updated, it will now generate a 32 character password.

If a shopping cart is integrated to a merchant (now) they won't be affected.  BUT, if that same cart does an integration with a new merchant, the cart will

need to increase their character capacity to support the new 32 character length.

 Password Generation/Use:

  • Log into Payeezy Gateway
  • Access Terminal details screen
  • Copy your GatewayID and paste it into your cart
  • Select the Generate Password, this option will create a new 32 character password
  • Copy the Password and paste it into your cart


For carts that do not accept 32 characters

  • You can do one of the following steps:
    • An error will be generated when you attempt to paste / input or save the 32 character password

A) Create your own password (manually enter) in the Payeezy Gateway Terminal Screen and update both the Gateway and the Cart with this new value or

B) Delete the extra characters in the Gateway generated Password and then update both the Gateway and the care with this new value

Update the Terminal after either generating or creating the password.

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