Payeezy Gateway Currency Selection

As requested by many Clients, the Payeezy Gateway platform has been updated (effective 8:24 PM EST, Nov 13, 2014) to remove the Currency Selection (pull down) from the POS input screen as discussed below. 


  • The drop down currency selector has been removed.
  • The currency selector has been replaced by a fixed default authorization currency indicator that is defined by the currency value associated with the outlet on the North/Omaha platform(s).
  • The transactional currency will be driven by the default authorization currency value received from the Omaha or North merchant master file (per our GMA team, on the North there is a 1:1 relationship between the default authorization currency and the outlet).
  • Note that the Omaha platform only processes transactions in  USD today.
  • Note that any account that was actually using the different currencies option will need to set up an additional location with the correct currency code to be able to process the additional currency.
  • The original option frequently caused clients to erroneously change the currency type. A sample screen is shown below.

NOTE: By default, each Payeezy outlet can only process one currency which is the currency listed on the merchant's North or Omaha processing account.  If a transaction is sent to Payeezy with an invalid currency, the transaction will be declined.  A Payeezy outlet can process more than one currency per account only if the merchant is using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and/or Dynamic Pricing (DP), or Global Merchant Acquiring (GMA).

If using Hosted Checkout, the cardholder will see "Unable to proceed with payment” on the screen and the email to the merchant will say “The following error was found: x_currency_code : unsupported value found in x_currency_code".

Global ePricing (GEP) requires one merchant processing account per each unique currency.  So, merchants using GEP with Payeezy will still only be able to process one currency through each Payeezy outlet.

DCC, DP, GMA and GEP require additional setup and are supported on the North platform only. Please contact your Sales Representative to enable these additional products.



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