Terminal ID (Merchant Terminal Number) in Real-Time Payment Manager

The Payeezy Gateway Real-Time Payment Manager now reflects a new field labeled Merchant Terminal Number in the POS Transactions section.

  • For swiped (Normal Presentment) transactions, users will be prompted for a merchant terminal number.  If the user is entering multiple transactions per logon session, this value can persist from the previous transaction value.  This value will be cleared when a user logs off.  

  • The  field for the Terminal ID will be labled "Merchant Terminal Number" set by the  merchant at each transaction. It is recommended for MasterCard transactions.

Instructions below on including Merchant Terminal Number:

  • The user logs into Payeezy Gateway, selects the POS tab. When the user performs a card swipe, the user is prompted for the Merchant Terminal Number.
    • The user selects “OK” once the Merchant Terminal Number is keyed 


  • This is automatically set in the "Merchant Terminal Number" field. This feature is available only on terminals configured for "Normal Presentment" and it is no more than 8 alphanumeric characters long.


  • The user then clicks "Process Transaction", as usual. If the transaction is processed successfully. Once approved, the transaction record displays.


  • Then the value is saved and can be viewed in the Transactions details.


  • The user is prompted with every (successful) swipe and the value last entered is pre-entered in the prompt for reuse or to override as the user chooses. When the user logs out, the last-used value is forgotten. There is no pre-entered value the first time POS is used or the subsequent login.
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