PayPal Integration

Payeezy Gateway supports PayPal as a Method of Payment (MOP) in Hosted Checkout and Integration of Express Checkout API in Web Service API.  A separate PayPal merchant account is required. 

If you need to set up a PayPal merchant account, click here.

Adding PayPal to a Hosted Payment Page

To add PayPal as a Method of Payment on a hosted payment page click on the Administration tab and select the terminal (outlet) that your payment page is linked to.  Select the PayPal tab and check the box next to "Enable PayPal".  Enter your PayPal credentials and click "Update".   



Next, select the Payment Pages tab and open the Payment Page.  Select "2. Payment Types" and check the box next to "Enable PayPal".  Click on "Save Changes".



PayPal Express Checkout Integration using Web Service API

For a listing of supported PayPal transactions click here.

For a listing of PayPal properties click here. 

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