Multi-merchant Administration

Payeezy Gateway supports multi-merchant administration and reporting through a single administrative sign-on.  This enables users to easily manage multiple merchant accounts for different locations, lines of business or currencies by providing a consolidated view across their entire organization.   It also facilitates locations to be set up with a flexible hierarchy and reporting access at merchant account and terminal level within the Real-time payment Manager. 

 The multi-merchant functionality can be utilized in the following areas:

  • POS Processing
  • Quick Key Processing and Batch Upload
  • Transaction search
  • Reporting
  • Recurring Plan Creation and Management
  • Hosted Payment Page Creation
  • Web Service API – Gateway ID & Password
  • Terminal Administration:
    • Allow Soft Descriptors
    • Changing Terminal Type
    • Duplicate Payment and Refund Restrictions
    • AVS/CVV2 Filters
    • Velocity Controls
    • Enabling PayPal
    • Enabling 3-D Secure
  • User Administration
    • User Roles:  Merchant Admin, Merchant, Read Only, POS
    • Enabling/Disabling User Access
    • IP Restrictions
    • Mobile device disabling (if applicable)

 For more information on setting up multiple merchant accounts please contact your Relationship Manager/Account Manager. 

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