Payeezy Gateway Demo Accounts

Sign up for a Demo Account

If you'd like to get started with a Payeezy Gateway demo account, sign up now.

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Your demo account will allow you access to almost all of the functionality on the live system, and can be used to develop solutions that work with Payeezy Gateway. Note that only the USD currency is available by default for demo accounts.

Demo URLs

The links for the Payment Page and API will only work once you have setup your account and appropriately coded and/or configured to the specs.

RPM Interface -

API Endpoint - or

Payment Page Checkout URL -

Test Card Numbers

Test card numbers can be found here.

To Test using TransArmor Tokens here.


Testing CVV & AVS

To Test CVV functionality:

To Test AVS Responses:

How to generate unsuccessful transactions:

Unsupported Transaction Types

These transaction types used for ValueLink transactions are currently not supported in the demo environment.

  • Cash out
  • Valuelink Activation
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Reload
  • Valuelink Deactivation
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