Reference Field Mapping

The following table provides a mapping of the Reference Number, Customer Reference and Reference Number 3 fields from Payeezy Gateway’s entry points (HCO – Hosted CheckOut, Web Services and RPM – Realtime Payment Manager), to Payeezy Gateway’s authorization/settlement platform, Compass, and into First Data’s reporting solution ClientLine.

Note: These free form fields should not contain Payment Card Industry (PCI) data; entering PCI data within these fields will violate the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

HCO Web Services RPM Compass Searchable
via RPM
Clientline DFM
x_invoice_num Reference_No
20 Bytes
Reference_No Compass.OrderNo
22 Bytes
(basic and advanced search
12 Bytes
(left aligned)
12 Bytes
(left aligned)
x_po_num Customer_Ref Customer Reference Compass.Level_II Data Yes (advanced search only) n/a n/a
x-reference_3 Reference_3 Reference Number 3 n/a No n/a n/a
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