Retail Receipt Printing

Retail receipt printing through First Data Payeezy Gateway is supported with Posiflex PP8000 printers. This article outlines the steps required to use this device to print retail receipts using the Firefox browser. This article assumes that the PP8000 device drivers have been installed under Windows.  To download the PosiFlex Printer Driver for PP8000 series please go to or call the Payeezy Gateway Help Desk for assistance at 855-448-3493.   For detailed instructions on installing the driver as well as browser settings for printing the receipt from Internet Explorer, Click Here.


Notes on using Internet Explorer

The settings described in this article can also be used in the page setup area of Internet Explorer 8 and 9 to produce receipts, but the dip switch change described in this article is not required if using one of those browsers.



The instructions apply to version 10 of Mozilla Firefox - accessing the "About Mozilla Firefox" menu will reveal the browser version in use.


Page Setup

The following settings will only need to be applied once and should be persistent.

Firstly, access the "File" menu within FIrefox, then "Page Setup". The "Shrink to fit Page Width" setting should be disabled as shown below.


Next, set the margins to ".1" inches, and set all "Headers & Footers" settings to "--blank--".


The PP8000 device uses dip switches to control certain aspects of receipt printing. Enabling the third dip switch on the second set of dip switches will center the text and produce a more attractive receipt.




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