Global Payment Facilitator (PFAC) Solution

Payment Facilitators provide a wide range of solutions to their Sub-merchants. Payeezy Gateway has been enabled to support our two models under the Global PFAC Program. These models support the Card Brand rules and guidelines which enables Payment Facilitators to facilitate payments seamlessly on behalf of multiple sub merchants.

  • Single MID Model: One merchant identification (MID) number to aggregate all transactions on behalf of their subs.
  • Multi MIDs Model: The Payment Facilitator and their Submerchants will be boarded to First Data and each Submerchant will have their own MID.  The Payment Facilitator will aggregate the transactions on behalf of the sub using the MID assigned to the sub.  This model allows the PFAC to have flexible funding options and offer a suite of services to their Submerchant portfolio.

Additional information about the Global Payment Facilitator can be found on Global Payment Facilitator Solution



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