Improved Transaction Receipt Email Feature

Sending a transaction's receipt via email is a not a new feature in the PGW RPM, but due to some recent changes, we need to inform you about some new rules.

Due to a recent mandatory security review, we were obligated to make some changes to how we email transaction receipts on the PGW RPM.

To navigate to this feature, simply click on the Transactions tab (see "Image-01") and select the transaction of which you would like to email the receipt. Once you "clicked" on a transaction, more options/details will be displayed for that particular transaction.

Towards the bottom of the page (see Image-01), "click" on: View Receipt.





Image-02, reveals a resizable message box that once accepted multiple lines of text along with multiple language character types, i.e. Chinese, French, Spanish etc.
NOTE: Multiple/new lines and multiple language character types are no longer supported. 


Image-02: Previous Functionality


Image-03, reveals a minor UI change along with some limitations to what this input field now accepts. It is very important to note that Only letters, numbers, spaces, commas, quotes, periods, ampersands and question marks are permitted.

NOTE: No Spanish is currently supported. Only the English alphabet: A-Z, 0-9 is the new standard.


Image-03: Revised Functionality



Last updated on March 10, 2017 by Dawid Spamer.

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