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Masterpass is a service that enables consumers to store, manage, and securely share their payment information, shipping information, billing address, and rewards information with the websites and mobile app they transact with. It supports Mastercard/Visa/American Express/Diners. There is no subscription or transaction fee to use Masterpass.

The Masterpass transactions can be processed through Hosted Checkout Pages (HCO) and the Web Service API, and could be identified as a Masterpass transaction within the Real Time Payment Manager (RPM).

Please review and ensure compliance with the Masterpass Terms & Conditions.



Masterpass Data Flow


How to start

Masterpass support for Web Service API will require integration directly with Masterpass while utilizing the Payeezy Gateway Web Serice API Reference Guide. Please contact your relationship manager for more details. 

As of October 26, 2017, Masterpass support for Hosted Checkout Pages will automatically be enabled. To disable this feature, please see instructions to disable below.


Payment Page with Masterpass:


To Disable Masterpass on HCO:

Payment Page

Within a New Payment Page or an existing Payment Page, Navigate to the Payment Types section and scroll down to Masterpass to deselect the checkbox and click on “Save Changes” on the bottom right.


eCommerce Terminal

To prevent the feature from auto-enabling on future Payment Pages - navigate to the Masterpass Terminal subtab (by clicking on the Administration Tab, Terminals subtab, and selecting the terminal), deselect the “Enable Masterpass” checkbox and click on update.




Masterpass transactions are identified within the Transaction Tag under Alternate Payment Method (APM). The Preferences section of Transaction has an APM tag. If the user has selected the option to include the APM within the Preferences subtab, then the APM column will be included on the transaction display as well as in the downloaded CSV or report file.



Important note

If merchants have Code I in CVV2 Filters enabled for rejection, it will be ignored for Masterpass and Visa Checkout transactions. It is ignored because the CVV will not be passed due to it being requested when the cardholder added the card to their digital wallet.

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