Payeezy Gateway Transaction Tag Value Upgrade

The Transaction Tag is the unique order ID value assigned by Payeezy Gateway for every transaction processed and incremented by one each time.

The Transaction Tag value is approaching a numerical threshold in the Payeezy Gateway system. The current Transaction Tag number is just above 2022515059. The current threshold is 2147483647.  Payeezy Gateway has taken steps within the application to raise that threshold.

The Payeezy Gateway will surpass the old Transaction Tag threshold in late August. To control the transition past the old limit, on August 9th at 1AM ET Payeezy Gateway will update the Transaction Tag and start assigning values from 2200000000.

Merchants need to verify to ensure that their systems will be compatible with the Transaction Tag update:

  • If the merchant is storing the value as a string or var/char, there would be no issue.
  • If the merchant is treating the Transaction Tag as a signed 32-bit integer, then the merchant would need to update their handling of the value to a signed 64-bit integer or the preferred string or var/char. The Transaction Tag value will remain a length of 10 digits.

You can find the Transaction Tag value in Payeezy Gateway Real-time Payments Manager (RPM).

Sample below

A Sample Scenario of an Integration that was not updated:

An API client that has written in C and stores the transaction_tag value in an int32_t variable;  After the Transaction Tag update, it would start interpreting values exceeding 2147483647 as negative numbers; Depending on how the integration was written, the negative numbers might cause an unexpected program termination or undefined behavior. If the integration does handle the negative number without any issue, the negative value is not a valid Transaction Tag within the Payeezy Gateway. This would prevent the processing of follow-up transactions (Completion, Refunds, Voids, etc…).  

What can happen if no action is taken by the merchant?

  • If transaction_tag was coded as a 32 bit integer, merchants’ could experience a processing issue if their system can't handle the new transaction tag value.



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